Invasion from Planet Zee


In an exploratory mission to the Earth, a spaceship from the planet Zee encounters a problem when they discover the creatures here are giants and their spaceship is the size of an insect. Mortified that they can’t complete their mission, they find a solution by collecting a much smaller life form to bring back to their planet, and in doing so, proceed to contaminate the entire Galaxy.


ANNOUNCEMENT: The work I do, I do for the love of it!. Unfortunately, the current illustrator felt he should be rich by now from sales of the book, and is disappointed that he hasn't been compensated to his satisfaction. He has made accusations that the author and publisher are getting rich off of this book and even cheating him out of his share. These accusations are distressing, untrue and unsupported.

I have been an artist all of my life, and I originally had planned to illustrate this book myself and although I have not been completely satisfied with the current artwork, I was too busy at the time of publication to finish my own illustrations.

The bright side of this development is that I am now moved to complete my original illustrations for this book, and I will finally be accomplishing my dream of having my own book with my own art.

I have decided to use my original illustrations that match my vision of the characters. The edition of this book being sold currently will be replaced with a new improved original author's cut edition with my art exclusively. The current edition will be going out of print at the end of the contract, or perhaps at the discretion of the publisher. You might want to purchase this current edition before it goes out of print, as the art is very wonderful. You will also love the next “original authors cut edition.” I'm sure after you see some of the new artwork, you will want to own both of them!


I will be posting some of my new illustrations for this book here as they are finished, so be sure to come back and check them out.

The current edition, still in print, is now on sale at
Invasion from Planet Zee.


'Invasion' was written in 1985 when one night "the teller" refused to let the author go to sleep until she got up and wrote it down. As amusing as it was, and not having a clue what to do with it, the author tucked it away and got on with her life. Every time she would read it to someone, she would always hear them say the same thing, "You need to get that published!" but she had no idea how to go about doing that, and would always reply, "I will some day." (and she knew she would when the right time came along.)

For 30 years Invasion rested in obscurity in a folder marked "Zee." Meanwhile, technology and the Internet burst onto the scene, and began changing the face of traditional publishing. This presented new opportunities for authors, artist’s, and small publishers. Finally, in 2014, the Invasion commenced. The book is currently available for purchase on

"The teller" is what the author refers to as her inner poet who emerges every now and then and writes a poem. After The Invasion from Planet Zee there was no indication whether another rhyming story or poem would ever be written again and nothing remotely similar to that had been written for years, until finally some poetry emerged in 2003 and then 2005, then after that, there was nothing.


The author, The Great Zellion Rebellion


My name is Gloria Jean, and in the contract, I'm referred to as the "Author."

Both Invasion from Planet Zee and The Great Zellion Rebellion came from the “teller” who is sometimes described by the author as the “inner poet.”